Software to Spec offers quality software development for real-time embedded systems at reduced cost. Our experienced engineering consultants apply techniques gained from years of engineering experience to develop robust quality applications in wireless, networking, and machine control applications. We are fluent with modern CASE tools, and follow SEI Personal Software Process for continual improvement to the software product.

Software Development

Engineering Analysis

What We Develop

Software to Spec designs and develops real-time, embedded software for a wide variety of microprocessor-based applications where fault-tolerance and reliability must be achieved in spite of user access, memory, and timing constraints. We have developed applications ranging from consumer electronics, networking and semiconductor devices, to commercial and scientific satellites and their simulators. Using the latest CASE tools we offer re-engineering services for your legacy systems and porting services for migrating your heritage code to modern computer platforms.

Our Development Process

Software to Spec is presently a self-certified CMM Software Level 2 organization with on-site training and procedures presently in practice for Level 3 consideration. The Capability Maturity Model for Software describes the principles and practices underlying software process maturity and is intended to help software organizations improve the maturity of their software processes. Process maturity begins at Level 1 an ad hoc, chaotic processes following an evolutionary path to a mature. A disciplined software development process with optimization placed in practice occurs at Level 5.